Parallel Bar Dip Station
Parallel Bar Dip Station
Parallel Bar Dip Station

Parallel Bar Dip Station

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Olympic Strength Coach Charles Poliquin has stated that parallel-bar dips are one of the best exercises for the chest and triceps for increasing muscle mass and gaining strength. We agree, which is why we offer this multi-functional Parallel Bar Dip Station, a great addition to any home gym.

These Parallel Bars have comfortable sponge-covered grips so your hands won't slip during training. And with non-slip rubber pads and heavy steel tubing construction, you can be confident this station will provide a firm, stable base for you to perform your dips.

What's more, this Dip Station comes with a pair of durable Olympic rings to perform push-ups with, which is one of the best upper body exercises for developing functional strength. Pick up our Parallel Bar Dip Station today! assembled dimensions are 675 x 755 x 1040mm.


Height: 1040mm/40.9"
Base Width: 675mm/26.6"
Base Length: 755mm/29.7"
Grip Length: 390mm/15.3"