Cross Training Battle Ropes
Cross Training Battle Ropes
Cross Training Battle Ropes
Cross Training Battle Ropes

Cross Training Battle Ropes

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Training with battle ropes is a fast, effective way of taking your workout to the next level! One of the best exercises utilized for developing functional strength, battle ropes enable users to mobilize multiple muscle groups with a focus on core strengthening and stabilization. 

Training with battle ropes is routinely used by professional athletes including boxers, mixed martial artists and baseball players, but these ropes can be equally as effective for beginners at building functional strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Your shoulders, back, arms and grip will be burning after incorporating this incredible product into your workout regimen.  

In addition to the cardiovascular benefits, battling rope exercises increase strength and endurance of the shoulders, back, abdominals, arms, hips, legs, and hand grip. The simplicity and effectiveness of battle rope exercises make them ideal tools for boxers, mixed martial artists, swimmers, baseball, tennis players, or anyone looking to take their fitness to a new level.


1. High Quality Material: The rope body is made of high-quality high-strength polyester, which is durable and thick to prevent breakage and corrosion.
2. Great Function: used primarily as a sports rope for training and strengthening shoulders, back, legs and grip. 
3. Convenience: can be tied to an independent column indoors in a gym setting, or easily used outdoors. Portable convenience means you can have a great workout anywhere! 

Name: Cross Training Battle Rope
Material: High-Strength Polyester
Weight: approx.1500g
Size: approx. 1" by 10 feet